Thursday, June 23, 2016

Round Prairie Bison

This is where I like to start my day and work back to Mammoth. I'll frequently start in near darkness hoping to see moose. As local sun rise nears ground fog increases and there can be incredible mood shots. If a bison will model for me, all the better. Of course if he had been exhaling steam it would have been better. The curse of a photographer, always hoping for better.


  1. Heading to Lamar and Mammoth from West in the a.m. should we go to Lamar first? Leaving here by 8am. Where are you? Or should we go to Mammoth first then take our chances with Lamar wolves? Where do we go for possible sightings? By the Institute? Thank you.

  2. I would go to Lamar first, wolves at Slough Cr.den usually visible. Lamar's are a little more of a chance. the best chance at seeing wildlife is within the before the first hour after scheduled sunrise. Good luck!