Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Badger Yawn

One could interpret this image in many ways depending on your opinion of badgers. Most badger images show their fierce defense display which they show when confronted. If you have watched one waddle you know running away from danger is not an option. I spent about half an hour watching this badger on Sunday evening, most of the time we were both motionless looking at each other.  This badger was curious, cautious, and a creature with incredible hearing. She reacted to a foot stepping on sand. Why do I say "she"? This den was the site of a litter of badgers last year and I am making the assumption the same badger has returned, only a guess. A special thanks goes to Kathy J. for alerting me to the badger's return since I missed all the action last year.

Technical: image taken from Canon C100 video capture, moderate cropping

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