Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fox squirrel at the knot

I love this pose. Squirrels frequently stopped for a picture on their in and out of this log. Shots coming out are much more appealing than those going in. I thing these are the second most colorful animals in the woods with the red fox being number one. I have yet to capture one of those in a camera trap here. That seeks to their scarcity in the habitat or extreme shyness. My guess is the former.

Technical: It could be argued the squirrel is centered but I think the composition works because of the depth provided by the distant trees.

1 comment:

  1. thanks again, Dale. Nature has so many events worth paying attention to and you captured another. Who does not get fascinated with the activities of a squirrel whose antics amuse and draws our curiosity! The noisy antics, the zipping around in all positions, with pauses that often involve looking directly at us, the viewer. You might even wonder, is that squirrel just so narcissistic that we happily play into their 'show' with us as their audience? "Look at me, Look at me".