Saturday, February 11, 2017

Slow Motion Birds

These ravens and magpies presented a perfect opportunity to experiment with slow motion. From a storytelling perspective there is something about the inertia of the carcass and the life it provides shown by the frenzy of the birds.

 Technical: Sony a7rii at 1/250 second, frame rate 120 fps. processed to 1/4 speed in FCPX

1 comment:

  1. fabulous.
    I once saw a time lapse of a goshawk (trained of course) fly through a hole in the wall ? 15"=/- and then when the hole was oblong upright and horizontal.

    the horizontal hole was unbelievable. the legs were tucked up against the beak and that is the way it flew through the hole at full speed! That is why that bird can catch prey in the bushes and trees!

    Thanks Dale