Monday, March 6, 2017

Blast Off!


I spent a day with snow geese and put this together. It started in the fog well before sunrise and ended at sunset.  I could still hear them singing when I went to bed that night. Their singing will either drive you nuts or make you forget the world for awhile. Multiple cameras and lenses were used with two cameras simultaneously recording in the fog sequence.

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  1. You commented about the noise driving you nuts at night. Reminds me of someone I met who lived within a hundred feet of a Blue Heron rookery. We visited that site once and the noise and activity was outrageous to say the least. And of course I was glad I did not live next to the rookery but definitely ENJOYED VISITING THE SITE!!!
    Hah, Mother Nature does give us some great sites to witness. Oh, and of course with the Sharptail Dances 'Speed Dating' spectacle on the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area another opportunity will soon become available. 'Sex will be in the air', HAH!
    Thanks Dale for what you do!!